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Successful Case

2016 Huaxia Bao Sheng Park green biological mosquito project


Huaxia Bao Sheng Yuan is located in Maoshan, Changzhou, a Taoist holy land in China. Covering an area of 27.8 square kilometers, the tree is covered with shade trees and winding streams. Mosquitoes are densely populated in summer and can easily cause diseases and viruses such as dengue, malaria, JE and Zika. Potential hazards. In order to provide a comfortable, safe, safe and healthy environment for recreation, safety, health and recreation for Huaxia Baoyuan Garden and tourist tourists, we will create a scenic 5A scenic spot for civilized and healthy people. Changzhou CDC and Jintan CDC jointly carry Changzhou Shengjie Chemical Co., Ltd. in the scenic area Summer mosquito control work.


Huaxia Bao Sheng Park green biological mosquito project from April 2016 began using Puro ® products until the end of October. Pu Lin ® granules administered 3 times a month, co-administration of 150kg. Pu Lin ® slow-release block once a month, a total of 23.76kg.

Figure 1-3: Experts monitor the occurrence of mosquito breeding in water bodies.

Figure 4: Tarsier fish (transliterated) found to be extremely demanding in the water environment.

:甲氧普林技术应用服务:0蚊控方案:2宝盛园:现场照片:2016.5.10:IMG_5097.jpg:甲氧普林技术应用服务:0蚊控方案:2宝盛园:现场照片:2016.4.14:IMG_4670.jpg:甲氧普林技术应用服务:0蚊控方案:7市疾控合作:7.28 工作纪录:DSC00095.JPG

:甲氧普林技术应用服务:0蚊控方案:7市疾控合作:7.28 工作纪录:DSC00104.JPG

3.Anti-mosquito project implementation effect:

S-methoprene is an effective means for field-scale mosquito control. It prevents mosquito larvae and pupae from growing into mosquitoes by disrupting the growth process, making the mosquito base smaller and smaller until it lacks water. The anti-mosquito project has improved the environment of the scenic area and hindered the spread of dengue fever in a beautiful scenic spot. Go out to play, RV camp, no longer have to worry about mosquito bites in the area.